Komission:   $40.00 per Conversion

Pay Per Sale Traffic Tiers:

Tier Sales per week Revenue* (USD)
1 0-74 $30
2 75-149 $40
3 150+ $50

* The following rules apply to the Pay Per Sale PPS: As an Affiliate you need to show us what you got. Rank well in the reference period to get rewarded in the following period with better Tier allocation. Tier Allocation will be made for every period ending Tuesday 12 pm AEST Australian Eastern Standard Time.


Week Sales Allocation Payout (USD)
1 78 Tier 2 78*40 = $ 3120
2 160 Tier 3 160*50 = $ 8000
3 50 Tier 1 50*30 = $ 1500
Total $ 12620


After 3 weeks you earned a total of $12620.


Payout is made via Bank transfer after the end of every calendar month. Only transactions that do not Chargeback are considered for payout. If a transaction is resulting in a chargeback the chargeback amount + the already made payout will be subtracted from the following payout. Payouts are only for sums over the webmaster's minimum payout amount and will be paid out once after the end of the month.